General introduction to Structural Laboratory

23/08/2020 22:34

1/ General introduction

Name of laboratory: Structural Laboratory

Address: Room G104; G105, University of Science and Technology

Unit / Manager: Faculty of Civil Engineering / Le Xuan Dung

2/ Function, mission

The Laboratory of Faculty of Civil Engineering includes four main functional rooms (structural laboratory, curing room, the teaching room and laboratory staff room) with a total area of ​​280m2. The main functions of the laboratory are to teach students, scientific research of lecturers and students specialized in civil engineering. Currently, the Laboratory has been participating in many domestic and international research and technology transfer activities.

3/ Activities for training, scientific research and production

Serve practice experiments and scientific research for students of FCE.

Serving topics of science research & technology transfer in the construction field in the country and abroad.

Serving for the quality testing of materials, construction structures.

Serve practice experiments and scientific research for Masters student and PhD student specialized in Civil & Industrial Construction.