Program objectives and learning outcomes of the PhD program in Civil Engineering

26/09/2020 14:47

1. Program Objectives

PhD students in this program have abilities to achieve success in different objectives including knowledge, skills and research ability.

Goal 1: Knowledge

Having a system of specialised, advanced and comprehensive in the field of civil engineering;

Having a creative and independent research ability;

Having a creative mindset, problem-solving and an organisational skills;

Complying with scientific ethics, laws and environmental protection.

Goal 2: Skills

Having skills to detect, analyse complex problems, giving original contribution in the field of civil engineering;

Having networking skills to establish national and international professional relationships;

Having sufficient English skills for academic purpose.

Goal 3: Ability and responsibility

Having ability to independently conduct research, easily adapt to international working environment, lead and take responsibility for a research team.

2. Program learning outcomes (PLOs)

After graduation, students are expected to achieve the following outcomes:



No 1.

Apply the specialized and in-depth knowledge to modelling and solving complex civil engineering problems

No 2.

Contribute original ideas into solving urgent problems

No 3.

Use modern calculation tools for research

No 4.

Discover propose solutions for arising problems in civil engineering

No 5.

Coordinate and develop research teams

No 6.

Communicate and present scientific reports in Vietnamese and English

No 7.

Demonstrate scientific ethics