About us - EN

09/08/2020 11:39

The Faculty of Civil Engineering is a leading faculty in engineering, science and technology at the Danang University of Technology. Our faculty is staffed by a high quality of academics with three Professors and nine PhDs who have strong civil engineering background and experiences as well as research profiles.

Our faculty vision is to educate qualified civil and structural engineers and to provide excellent science and technology resources to serve the sustainable socio-economic development of Vietnam, focusing on the Central area and Highlands.

Besides two undergraduate courses and one master course, we are developing a Doctor of Philosophy in civil engineering to attract more outstanding students not only in Vietnam and but also around South East Asia countries.

We have designed our engineering courses to provide in-depth knowledge of civil and structural engineering so that our graduates can be independent in design, planning, and constructing buildings. We have also combined many different sessions ranging from theoretical development and laboratory session to practical and industrial training and internship. Since 1976, we have educated thousands of graduates that contribute significantly to the economic development of Vietnam, especially in the Central area and Highlands of Vietnam.