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General Information

21/09/2020 09:36
  1. Vietnamese name:

Ngành:             Kỹ thuật Xây dựng

Chuyên ngành: Xây dựng Dân dụng và Công nghiệp

  1. English name:

Civil Engineering

  1. Degree of program:
Barchelor of Civil Engineeing
  1. Code of program:


  1. Candidate:

Students graduated from high school

  1. Training duration:

4 years

  1. Training mode:


  1. Number of credits:


  1. GPA type:

4-band score

  1. Graduation Conditions:

Students are considered for graduation when they fully meet the following conditions:

1. Not being examined for penal liability, not being disciplined at the level of suspension;

2. Accumulate sufficient number of course of the training program;

2. The cumulative GPA of the entire course is more than or equal to 2.00;

2. Having a Certificate of Physical Education and National Defense Education;

3. Meet the foreign language output standards: Level 4/6 according to the European framework or equivalent certificates.

4. Having a certificate of information technology (IT) in basic level.


  1. Job opportunities:

Structural consulting and designing at domestic and foreign companies.

Performing technical work, quality control in the companies related to production, construction and erection in the field of civil and industrial construction.

Working in government agencies related to the construction industry.

Teaching major’s course at colleges, professional high schools and vocational schools.

Doing research in the fields of construction and structural majors in research institutes, centers and research institutions of ministries, universities and colleges.

  1. Opportunities to study higher level:

Student graduated from this program can apply for master's program in the same or relevent major.

  1. Reference program:

Civil Engineering - Stanford University và Civil Engineering – University of Illinois