Tin tức - Sự kiện

  • Hội thảo 5

    27/05/2016 13:47

    This workshop provides participants with a structured research driven approach to monitor and review the implementation of the CDIO in the different curricula. In this workshop, participants will learn to identify research questions central to understanding the impact of key aspects of the CDIO implementation...

  • Hội thảo 4

    10/05/2016 08:05

    This workshop will enable academic faculty to create more opportunities in the curriculum for students to be actively engaged in the learning process. Participants will be provided with direct experience in how active and experiential learning can lead to more interesting and effective learning for students.

  • Hội thảo 3

    05/04/2016 10:28

    This 5-day outcome-based workshop comprises of design thinking methodology to generate innovative product and conducting gap analysis for design and build programme This workshop focuses on the approaches faculty can adopt to create more opportunities in the curriculum to introduce students to conceiving and designing innovative products and systems.

  • Hội thảo 2

    17/03/2016 09:08

    This 5-day workshop provides participants with a structured approach to design curricula to provide a holistic and integrated learning experience. The workshop supports mainly Standard 2 (CDIO Syllabus), Standard 3 (Integrated Curriculum), Standard 7 (Integrated Learning Experiences) and Standard 11 (Assessment).

  • Hội thảo 1

    08/03/2016 15:19

    The workshop provides an overview of the CDIO Teaching and Learning Framework from the perspective of world-wide changes in engineering education and the importance of meeting industry needs. Two key CDIO documents will be discussed: the CDIO syllabus and the CDIO standards. The Singapore Polytechnic CDIO experience and the critical factors for its successful CDIO implementation will also be shared.

  • Lễ ký kết biên bản ghi nhớ về triển khai Mô hình CDIO tại Đại học Đà Nẵng

    24/02/2016 06:49

    Ngày 23 tháng 2 năm 2016 Trường Đại học Bách khoa - Đại học Đà Nẵng (UD-DUT) và Trường Singapore Polytechnic (SP) đã ký Biên bản Ghi nhớ về việc triển khai đào tạo theo mô hình Ý tưởng - Thiết kế - Thực hiện - Vận hành (CDIO) nhằm mục đích nâng cao chất lượng giáo dục đại học tại Đại học Đà Nẵng.