Hội thảo 3

05/04/2016 10:28

1. Programme Information

1.1. Aim and Overview

This 5-day outcome-based workshop comprises of design thinking methodology to generate innovative product and conducting gap analysis for design and build programme This workshop focuses on the approaches faculty can adopt to  create more opportunities in the curriculum to introduce students to conceiving and designing innovative products and systems. This workshop supports CDIO Standard 4 (Introduction to Engineering) and Standard 5 (Design Build Experiences). Participants will be also being equip with a range of creativity tools and processes to promote creativity and creative thinking in the classroom. Through these opportunities, engineering students will discover how engineers solve real-world problems creatively.

1.2. Programme Objectives (Deliverables)

At the end of the workshop series, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the rationale for Design Implement experiences

  • Give examples of Design Implement experiences

  • Describe a range of creative thinking tools and processes

  • Produce a range of Design Implement experiences for developing CDIO skills.

1.3. Course Participants and Requirements

  • The workshops are targeted at the following groups of participants:

    • Program Managers

    • Faculty Developers

    • Teaching Faculty

  • Participants should have a basic foundation in English to facilitate understanding of the workshop presentations and learning activities.

  • Some of the participants will be trained to be Specialist Master Trainers, who shall then train the next tier of programme participants.

2. Programme Schedule

11 April 2016 – Day 1 Monday

12 April 2016 – Day 2 Tuesday

13 April 2016 – Day 3 Wednesday

14 April 2016 – Day 4 Thursday

15 April 2016 – Day 5 Friday