Hội thảo 4

10/05/2016 08:05

1. Programme Information

1.1. Aim and Overview

This workshop will enable academic faculty to create more opportunities in the curriculum for students to be actively engaged in the learning process. Participants will be provided with direct experience in how active and experiential learning can lead to more interesting and effective learning for students. A range of active and experiential learning methods will be demonstrated, modelled and practiced in the workshop sessions.

1.2. Programme Objectives (Deliverables)

  • Differentiate active and experiential learning experiences

  • Explain the rationale for active experiential learning experiences

  • Compare the effectiveness of a range of active and experiential learning activities

  • Produce a range of active and experiential learning activities to promote disciplinary learning outcomes and selected CDIO skills

1.3. Course Participants and Requirements

  • The workshops are targeted at the following groups of participants:

    • Program Managers

    • Faculty Developers

    • Teaching Faculty

  • The programme participants must have completed Workshop 2: Designing an Integrated Curriculum.

  • Participants should have a basic foundation in English to facilitate understanding of the workshop presentations and learning activities.

  • Some of the participants will be trained to be Specialist Master Trainers, who shall then train the next tier of programme participants

1.4. Course Duration

4 days

1.5. Course Provider and Facilitators

Singapore Polytechnic

  • Dr Linda Lee (Project Leader)

  • Mr Lee Chong Hwa

  • Mr Yoong Yuen Soon

1.6. Pre-Training Preparation

Reflect on your area of work and choose a Curriculum Design Project idea you want to implement, during and after the training, using “Active Experiential Learning” approach. Prepare a brief proposal with following details: 1) Project Title, 2) Who is this project for, 3) What core problem are you trying to solve, and 4) What are the challenges/opportunities in doing this project?

Read article by “FelderandBrent(1987)Active-learning-vs-covering-thesyllabus to prepare for fishbowl debate.

2. Programme Schedule

17 May 2016 – Tuesday, Day 1

18 May 2016 – Wednesday, Day 2

19 May 2016 – Thursday, Day 3

20 May 2016 –Friday, Day 4