An young student with the idea to design the marine model collecting beach and water waste

18/12/2019 11:50

Wishing to join hands with the society to protect the marine and lake environment, the 5th year student from the Faculty of Transportation Mechanical Engineering, The University of Danang, University of Science and Technology, Vo Anh Khoa had an idea to design the marine model collecting beach and water waste and is enthusiastically responded by the group of friends. After the implementation time, the model won the second prize for the scientific research conference for students at the school level, selected to exhibit at the Science and Technology Festival among students of Danang University in 2019 and was ordered by the Da Nang Youth Union.

Vo Anh Khoa (the person sitting on the left) with members controlling the operating model at the Science and Technology Festival in Danang University students in 2019. Photo: P.T

As the eldest son in a family has 2 brothers in Tam Ky City (Quang Nam), from a young age, Khoa dreamed of studying ship engineering majoring. That is the reason for him to register for the exam and be admitted to the Faculty of Transportation Mechanical Engineering, The University of Danang, University of Science and Technology. Khoa confessed the birth of this idea: "While studying at the Faculty of Transport Engineering majoring in ship engineering, I used to walk along beaches, rivers, and lakes in Da Nang, and see garbage which stagnant water pollutes the water environment, especially after heavy rain. Regularly participates in volunteer activities, so I understand how hard it feels to pick up trash in the hot sun for hours, how dangerous is it on rivers and lakes. From there, I cherished the idea of ​​designing a waste collection machine on the beach and on the water to help the labor force in the field of environmental sanitation save energy, work more effectively, safer, contribute to preserving and improving the green, clean and beautiful living environment for the city After a year of cherishing, researching, I sketched out the initial plan and gave ideas. This idea came to the table with 2 classmates, Truong Van Binh, Tran Van Nhat, and 3 lower-class children, Vo Van Khoa (younger brother), Le Thanh Hai, Dinh Van Hiep, all responded enthusiastically. After designing, calculating the stability of the model, we started to complete the model".

In the process of implementing the model, the Faculty's group study encountered financial difficulties. Not only that, but there was also no relationship, so buying components and equipment, the Science group often buys higher than the common ground. In addition to finance, the group does not have difficulty in equipment and specialized machines to weld, create, or process parts of components. The most difficult is how to make the dynamics and support for the conveyor concentric, otherwise, the equipment will be assembled, vibrated. Without a specialized drilling machine, Khoa's team has just used a regular drill and straightened it to drill, without errors and shaking on the model.

According to Khoa, to complete this model, it is necessary to combine many disciplines, especially electronics. Therefore, the group regularly exchanges, learn from friends in other majors; especially pictures of instructions, advice, and help from teachers. "Because it is a waterway-road vehicle, it is not necessary to use knowledge of ships but to combine knowledge of automotive, machine tools for chassis, electronics for control systems and mechanics for the fusion structures and frameworks So it is necessary to calculate the technique for all administrators to do it. This means learning, research, consultation of many industries "- Khoa disclosure. The total cost of completing the model for the competition and participating in the exhibition is about 10 million VND.

Khoa said that if this model is invested by enterprises, the accessories will be produced according to the workflow, the machining work will be accurate, fewer errors, and the cost will be lower. Or, if the company does not directly produce the accessories, it can still find the right source of quality and affordable goods. Size options and features included, the cost to complete a vacuum cleaner on the water will be different. If mass-produced, the waste collection machine on the beach and water surface will be the largest size as a pickup truck, costing 200-350 million VND. Da Nang Youth Union and the Youth Business Association of City will have a working session with the group to discuss the direction of manufacturing a test set before being put into mass production.

The initial hope of success from the order of Da Nang Youth Union will create more motivation for the Faculty and the Research Team to pursue their dreams, aspirations of entertainment, service life.

Created: P.Thuy