• The Faculty of Architecture welcomes the 122nd AUN-QA Delegation

    10/09/2018 05:52

    Following the higher education quality reforming strategy of the Ministry of Education and Training, The University of Danang (UD) - University of Science and Technology (DUT) will welcome External Assessment Delegation from the Southeast Asian University Network (AUN) to the Official AUN Quality Assurance Assessment of the Architecture Program, from 09th October 2018 to 11th October 2018.

  • Students offer farmers a helping hand

    06/09/2018 11:14

    Thousands of students across the country have been taking part in volunteer campaigns aimed at promoting the important role of youth in contributing to the country’s cultural, social and economic development. Read more at

  • Kogakuin summer camp exchange in Japan

    28/07/2018 04:07

    The Kogakuin Summer Camp, sponsored by the Japanese government, Sakura Foundation, Kogakuin University and DUT, has sent Vietnamese students to Japan this summer.

  • Workshop “Program objectives and expected learning outcomes of Architecture”

    20/07/2018 08:33

    In 20th July, 2018 Faculty of Architecture – DUT organized the workshop " PROGRAM OBJECTIVES AND EXPECTED LEARNING OUTCOMES" under the chairmanship of Dr. Nguyen Hong Ngoc - Dean of Faculty of Architecture. The workshop was attended by representatives from businesses in Da Nang City.

  • The Faculty of Architecture – University of Science and Technology – the University of Da Nang University published the textbook on Architectural Acoustics

    12/07/2018 08:45

    In July, 2018, the Construction Publishing House has published the textbook "Architectural Acoustics - History, methods of calculation of design and application". Edited by Dr. Arch. Nguyen Anh Tuan, MSc. Phan Anh Nguyen, Lecturers in the Faculty of Architecture

  • Ly Son maritime fresco – a product of the students of Faculty of Architecture

    10/07/2018 08:24

    The fresco of Ly Son Island was built by 40 students of the Faculty of Architecture - Da Nang University of Science and Technology in cooperation with Ly Son Group. The route is about 1.5 km long, starting at the foot of the bridge to To Vo (Tay village, An Vinh commune, Ly Son District).

  • Ly Son graffiti road project

    10/07/2018 06:33

    Ly Son graffiti road project was designed by 40 students of the Faculty of Architecture of Da Nang University of Technology in cooperation with the Ly Son youth union. The route is about 1.5 km long (Tay village, An Vinh commune, Ly Son district, Quang Ngai province).

  • "INSEE PRIZE 2018 - Sustainable Construction Award"

    01/07/2018 07:56

    The INSEE PRIZE 2018 - Sustainable Construction Award is a creative playground for students who interested in researching in the fields of construction, urbanization, environment. The competition also encourages and honors initiatives of students towards sustainable development, contributing to community and social development.

  • Lighting decoration ideas for Tet Festival 2019

    22/06/2018 08:04

    Group of students Tran Nhat Tien and Tran Phuoc Bao Thu, class 14KT, Faculty of Architecture won the first prize "Lighting decoration ideas for Tet Festival 2019" in Da. This competition was organized by the Department of Construction according to proposal of People`s Committee Chairman.

  • Students of the Faculty of Architecture entered the final contest of Insee Prize 2018

    16/05/2018 08:18

    After three days of oral presentation of young talents, the judges took full consideration of the factors and decided to choose 5 projects after the race into the final contest of INSEE Prize 2018.

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