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  • Chemical Engineering Students Participate In The Young Science Exchange In Sakura 2019 Yokohama - Japan

    12/03/2019 07:41

    From January-16 to March-23, 2019, delegation of teacher and students from Faculty of Chemical Engineering DUT was honored to be invited to participate in Sakura Exchange Program in Science at Yokohama national university, Yokohama city, Japan.

  • Welcome AUN-QA Delegation

    20/03/2018 08:41

    Following the higher education quality reforming stratergy of the Ministry of Education and Training, The University of Danang (UD) - University of Science and Technology (DUT) will welcome External Assessment Delegation from Southeast Asian University Network (AUN)

  • International Workshop on Biomedical Materials

    31/01/2018 09:49

    On 25/01/2018, at the Learning & Resource Center, The University of Da Nang-University of Science and Technology (DUT) held an international workshop on biomedical materials co-organized by Faculty of Chemical Engineering-DUT, Laboratory of Nano - Composite of Ho Chi Minh University of Science and Technology and Theranostic Material Research Center, Sungkyunkwan University-Korea.

  • Workshop “University and Enterprises in Improvement of Petroleum Engineering Training Program 2017”

    26/11/2017 11:04

    Accreditation of education is a new trend in Vietnam but has long been familiar with the world. In the context of global education integration, the quality of education is a core matter and a vital factor of a university.

  • Meetings and workshop with Yokohama National University (Japan)

    18/08/2017 11:17

    Within the framework of a two-day visit from 8th to 9th August 2017 of a delegation from Yokohama National University (YNU – Japan) consisting entrepreneurs, lecturers and students, the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Danang University of Science and Technology (DUT), in collaboration with the YNU representative office in Danang organized the following activities

  • Final projects defense for students of Petroleum engineering program, Semester 2, cohort 2016-2017

    09/06/2017 11:23

    On the 6th and 7th of June 2017, the Chemical Engineering – Oil and Gas Division established two examination boards to assess dissertations of 30 students of cohort 2012-2017, 2 students of 2011-2016 and 1 student of 2010-2015, Petroleum engineering program at Room E205 and E206, Building E, Danang University-University of Science and Technology.

  • Dialogue with Petroleum Engineering students promotion 2016 - 2017

    01/06/2017 09:57

    For the purpose of exchanging information on teaching and learning issues with Petroleum Technical students as well as other issues relating to educational program, supporting policies for students, scholarship, etc. during the school year 2016 – 2017, the Chemical Engineering – Oil and Gas department held a dialogue with its students at the hall F, Danang University of Science and Technology at 17.30 on 29 May 2017.

  • Sakura program - Exchange science and Technology between University of Science and Technology, the University of Da nang, Viet Nam and University of Fukui, Japan

    04/05/2017 14:13

    Promoting the development of science and technology to create the sustainable development between Asia countries and Japan is the main purpose of Sakura Exchange Science. Based on the definition - Exchange Science of Youth Researchers of Asia and Japan- Sakura Science Program has provided an opportunity for Assian young Researcher a short visit at Japan to create a good relationship between Industry - Academia - Goverment. Furthermore, it also creates the interest toward science and technology at institutes, research centers and universities at Japan.

  • Attending the International Conference on Refining and Petrochemical Technology IRPC Vietnam 2017

    03/05/2017 09:42

    On April 20-21, 2017, the delegation of Chemical Engineering - Oil and Gas Division (CE-OGD), Faculty of Chemical Engineering, University of Science and Technology- Danang University attended the 3rd Vietnam Oil and Gas Refining Conference 2017 In Hanoi, Vietnam.

  • PetroVietnam Research & Development Center for Petroleum Processing (PVPRO-VPI) offers scholarships and scientific exchange seminars

    22/02/2017 13:32

    On 22/02/2017, Faculty of Chemical Engineering (FCE), Division of Chemical Engineering-Oil and Gas, Danang University – University of Science and Technology honored to welcome PetroVietnam Research & Development Center for Petroleum Processing (PVPRO-VPI) to award scholarship named “Oil and Gas Wisdom” to 3 students specialized in Petroleum Engineering and held scientific exchange seminars with lecturers and students of Petroleum engineering program.