Rector`s Message

The University of Danang (UD) - University of Science and Technology (DUT) is largest university of science and technology in the Central Coast and Central Highlands of Vietnam. The university is always defined its mission and objectives consistent with its functions, tasks and resources, linked to socio-economic development strategy of Da Nang city, of provinces in Central Coast and Highlands, and of the country.

Through 40 years, DUT has been constantly expanding the training scale of undergraduate and graduate, strengthening facilities, improving staff capacity, innovating fundamentally program objectives, contents and teaching-learning methods. The campus includes 14 faculties, 01 training center, 08 administrative departments, 01 foreign language department, 01 institute, 10 centers for scientific research and technology transfer. The total staff is 582, including 386 lecturers with 40% PhDs.

As one of the three polytechnic universities in Vietnam, DUT has a responsibility to train high quality technical and technological human resources as well as implement science and technology activities in order to serve development demands of the Central Coast - Highlands and the whole country. Together with domestic partners, DUT has built partnerships with more than 50 prestigious universities, institutes, and academic associations all over the world.

There are strong changes in scientific research and technology transfer activities of staff and students in recent times with more practical topics. The topics are associated with training and producing activities, contributing to socio-economic development, as well as supporting students in improvement of their knowledge and skills.

The quality of graduates from DUT continues receiving high appreciation from enterprises. More than 90% is recruited after graduation. Many alumni are currently holding important positions in large organizations.

The academic year 2016 is chosen to complete quality assurance activities in order to achieve a commitment to the best quality and worthy of academic reputation of Danang Polytechnic with the 40-year tradition.

Professor LE Kim Hung