Supporting students to counter to Covid-19 pandemic

06/08/2020 11:29

       In order to assist the students of the Faculty of Transportation Mechanical Engineering who still stay in Da Nang during the Covid-19 pandemic, on the morning of July 6th, 2020, The Associated Organ of Vietnamese Students’ Association, Faculty of Transportation Mechanical Engineering has supported to 18 difficult students with gifts including necessities: Rice, Eggs, Cooking Oil, Pho, Vegetables, ... We look forward to partially help students during the epidemic difficult and also encourage students to comply with appeal "Love the country, love fellow. Whoever stays, stay where".

          The gifts are small but we hope we can share the difficult predicament with the students.. 

          Now let's unite together, join hands to overcome the pandemic once more. We hope the pandemic is over soon, and we will meet again at DUT.