Defense Ceremony`s Graduation Project of students of the 2015 Cohort

02/01/2020 09:50

Stop to start a new journey

        On the morning of July 8, 2020, the defense ceremony's graduation project of the students of the Faculty of Transportation Mechanical Engineering was held in the hall E of The University of Danang - University of Science and Technology for Mechanical Engineering major – specialization in Automotive Engineering and Naval Architecture.

         At the opening ceremony of the Council of graduation defense, Executive Board, on behalf of the University, announced the decision related to the Council of examiners graduation project and expressed sincere thanks to the great contributions in the effort and wisdom of the lecturers.

          The graduation protection ceremony is the result of a long-term striving to study and research at the university. Under the guidance of teachers in the professional field, students have shown accumulated knowledge and completed training programs, graduated projects, and prepared to defend in front of the Council. To achieve the above results is not only the efforts of the students during the courses in but also the enthusiasm and dedication of the lecturers.

          For students, the defense ceremony's graduation project is not only an important graduation exam for assessment of competence, but also an opportunity for the publication of their first research results. This is the beginning of a professional career in the future, at the same time it brings a meaning of thanks to teachers and their families. Therefore, the students are well-prepared for graduation defense gone well.

          At graduation defense, each student has 10-15 minutes to present their projects, introduce products and answer critical questions of the Council of graduation defense. Many students have good presentation skills, answer key questions of the thesis, and many products which have high applicability appreciated from the Council of examiners.

         At the end of the graduation protection ceremony, each student was welcomed and interviewed directly by employers. Especially, recruiters to come from large companies such as THACO, .... This is also an opportunity for students to take a new step when they are going to enter the working environment of a future engineer. There were 9 out of 33 students who were given a job offer letter by THACO after taking the interview


              Finally, after the days of "Studying with the Project, eating with the Project, playing with the Project, seeing the Project in dream", the students of Faculty of Transportation Mechanical Engineering breathed a sigh of relief when passed the last tough "gate" before officially entering the real working environment. The students of Transportation Mechanical Engineering, please confidently express yourself and look forward to the bright future ahead. Good luck!

              Once again, congratulations to our new Engineers.