PetroVietnam Research & Development Center for Petroleum Processing (PVPRO-VPI) offers scholarships and scientific exchange seminars

22/02/2017 13:32

On 22/02/2017, Faculty of Chemical Engineering (FCE), Division of Chemical Engineering-Oil and Gas, Danang University – University of Science and Technology honored to welcome PetroVietnam Research & Development Center for Petroleum Processing (PVPRO-VPI) to award scholarship named “Oil and Gas Wisdom” to 3 students specialized in Petroleum Engineering and held scientific exchange seminars with lecturers and students of Petroleum engineering program.

Representatives of PVPro-VPI include Mr. Tran Vinh Loc, Deputy Director of the Center; Mr. Truong Nhu Tung, Consultant, and Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Investment Advisory Department.

The Vietnam “Oil and Gas Wisdom” Scholarship is annually awarded to students of Petroleum Engineering having good academic achievements, enthusiasm in social activities, and especially in the spirit of scientific research during study. This year is the sixth year the students of FCE receive this scholarship, which is a great encouragement for them during university time.

Figure 1: “Oil and Gas Wisdom” Scholarship awards

After the Scholarship award ceremony was a seminar held by Mr. Truong Nhu Tung, an Oil Refinery expert, who previously worked at Oil refineries in Germany. The seminar topic was an introduction of the Bayernoil refinery technology in Germany, and shared the practical experiences of refineries upgrading.

Figure 2: Mr. Truong Nhu Tung gave a presentation

The seminar attracted many students, especially fifth-year students, who asked questions related to the practical issues of technological change of Dung Quat refinery when upgrading product standards from Euro 2 to Euro 4; causes of problems from RFCC plant. In addition, students also asked interesting questions related to job opportunities after graduation; or difficulties when starting a new job, and how an enterprise can engage foreign capitals, etc.

Figure 3: Exchange with students

In the seminar, apart from the practical knowledge, Mr. Tung also emphasized the weaknesses of Vietnamese students, which are often shyly in expressing their opinions making big disadvantages for students after graduation.

The meeting with PVPro-VPI delegation lasted for 90 minutes and left a good impression on the attended students and lecturers of Petroleum Engineering program. This activity will surely be continued in following years in order to improve graduates’ skills and vocational orientation well-engaged with enterprises. All are to support the Petroleum engineering program meeting the AUN-QA standard in April, 2018.

Figure 4: Photo with lecturers and students who received scholarships