Scholarship announcement of Vietnam Chemical Association

18/02/2020 03:57

Vietnam Chemical Association considered and awarded 01 scholarship worth 600 USD to students of Chemistry Faculty, Polytechnic University who meet the following requirements:

- As a 2nd year student of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, University of Science and Technology, The University of Danang

- Having good political and ethical qualities.

- Have difficult family circumstances (with evidence)

- Have the first year’s GPA of good or more (with evidence)

Submit your application to Ms. Nguyen Thi Truc Loan, Professor of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering.

Admission records include:

- Application for consideration and awarding of scholarship to Vietnam Chemical Association

- Proof of family difficulties

- Proof of learning outcomes.

Students send their scanned documents to email: nttloan@dut.udn.vn for consideration. The original document will be required to submit to the Faculty if considered for donation.

Deadline for submission of scanned documents: February 25, 2020.