Ajinomoto Scholarship Announcement for ASEAN + ONE

04/02/2020 03:48

Inform the final and graduate students (aged under 35) about the master`s scholarship program in Japan to study Food Technology

I. Purpose of the scholarship

Ajinomoto Scholarship for ASEAN+ONE International Students from 6 countries Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Russia who want to apply for a master`s course at designated universities in Japan. The scholarship has been implemented in Vietnam since 2009.

II. Scholarship Benefits

- Allowance 150,000 Japanese Yen / month (Pre-Master`s Program)

- Allowance 180,000 Japanese Yen / month (Master`s Program)

- Full cost of testing, admission and tuition

- Air ticket to Japan

III. Scholarship Type

3 years: Pre-Master (1 year) + Master (2 years)

2 years: Master

III. Japanese universities accept students from Ajinomoto scholarships

1. Tokyo University

2. Kyoto University

3. Nagoya University

4. Ochanomizu University

5. Waseda University

6. Kagawa Nutrition University

IV. Participants

Postgraduates or graduating students (under 35 years old) wishing to pursue a master`s degree in Japan in the field of Science (Biology, Food, Agriculture, Nutrition) from 9 Viet Nam Universities:

1. Hanoi University of  Natural Sciences

2. Hanoi University of  Science and Technology

3. Agricultural University 1

4. Ho Chi Minh City University of  Agriculture and Forestry

5. Ho Chi Minh City University of  Natural Sciences

6. Ho Chi Minh City University of  Technology

7. Can Tho University

8. Da Nang University

9. Hanoi Medical University