14/03/2022 09:59

Recently, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Bridge and Road Construction, University of Science and Technology - University of Danang (DUT) cooperated with Utsunomiya University - Japan (UU) to successfully organize the 5th Annual Workshop.

With the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, this is the second time the workshop has to be held in an online form between Vietnam and Japan. However, not because of that, the working spirit of the professors and students of the two countries is less exciting.

This year's theme is "ICT Application Ideas in Urban Design and Management for the New Normal". The activity took place from February 21 to March 4, 2022, with the participation of 36 students from 2 faculties of HCMUT and Utsunomiya University, divided into 4 groups, each group consisted of 9 members. The prize structure includes: 1 excellent idea award, 1 presentation prize, and 2 dedication prizes. The final results are as follows:

- The contribution prizes are group 1 and group 4: Group 1 brings a new idea "Smart Supermarket" to bring ICT to solve labor problems, as well as create a quick and safe shopping space for customers. everyone. Meanwhile, group 4 was creative with the idea of ​​​​"Applying IT to the rooftop park" using robots to serve sales, a smart parking system to solve traffic problems under the park; a robot that manages and takes care of cars through mobile application software.

- Group 2 won an impressive presentation with a presentation about the idea of ​​​​"Application of ICT to attract tourists", bringing about initiatives such as ICT tunnels, service robots, and robots. babysitting, etc. to help visitors have a better experience when coming to Da Nang city.

- Finally, the Excellent Idea award went to Group 3. The students performed excellently and impressed with "Application of ICT to design school campus to respond flexibly to covid", using robots & software. To segment the function, reduce the infection rate. cross infection and maintain regular schooling. Helping people go to school with peace of mind in the age of F0 and F1 becoming increasingly popular.

 All 4 teams with unique ideas brought the judges and attendees impressive, academic and creative presentations on the topic of the workshop.

The annual conference is a playground, an opportunity for cultural and academic exchanges between Vietnam and Japan or more specifically, DUT and UU. With 5 successful workshops between the two universities, the close relationship in training and research has become a precious tradition between the two universities.

The organizing committee would like to introduce some photos from the day of the Final Report and awarding ceremony.

Images and articles: Faculty of Architecture