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Review of the Journey of student activities of Chemical Engineering faculty for the acadamic year2019-2020

27/08/2020 11:21

A remarkable academic year has passed, leaving countless levels of emotions for the students. Although the difficulties caused by the complicated epidemic diseases, the Youth Union activities and youth movement of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering (FCE) still took place very excitingly, especially FCE Youth Union organized and co-organized the competitions successfully, the program makes a new and attractive impression. Let`s take a look at these past imprints.

FCE Youth Union - Term 2019-2021

With the direction and permission of the DUT Committee of the Youth Union, FCE Youth Union decided to organize Youth Union Congress for the term of 2019-2021 at Hall A, DaNang University of Science and Technology at 18:00 October 12, 2019.

Figure 1: Diagram of the Executive Board of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering for the periods  2019-2021

Welcome New Students -Cohort 2019

The annual opening program was held by the Executive Board of FCE Youth Union on October 4, 2019 to welcome new members to FCE familly, with the desire to help new students have the opportunity to exchange and strengthen solidarity as well as exchange learning methods and living in the university environment.

The show welcoming new students in 2019 left many emotions and impressions, spreading the spirit and youth to many new members of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering. The program partly helped students have the most overview of learning and training movements, through which new pieces are recharged, actively participating in and responding to activities and programs of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering in the last l year.

Figure 2: The teachers and many generations of Chemistry students take souvenir photos at the end of the performance night.

Football Championship 2019

On Sunday, October 27, the Sport Department of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering held the finale of the 2019-Male Football Championship at Nguyen Chanh Stadium.

After more than a month of fierce competition, the Male Football Championship found two best representatives to enter the finale: 15H5A class and 15H5B class. Although it was an internal battle, not only H5 but 15H5, but the match was extremely attractive and quality when the players played comfortably with a spirit of dedication. Besides, at 17:30 on the same day, the third-fourth battle between SH Union and 16H14 brought beautiful performances to the audience.

 After the season with exciting and charismatic matches, the trophy called the 15H5A champion. Regardless of the results, the players who actively played their best were winners in the hearts of the audience. The tournament ended with many marks, promising the next season there will be many interesting changes.

Figure 3: Dr. Nguyen Hoang Trung Hieu, Leader of FCE Youth Union awarded the trophy to the 15H5A champion

Warmly celebrate November 20 - Teachers` Day Vietnam with a series of activities on the occasion of the Teachers Festival

Joining in the jubilant and exciting atmosphere of generations of teachers and students across the country to celebrate the 37th Anniversary of Vietnam Teachers` Day (November 20, 1982 - November 20, 2019), FCE Youth union has organized many exciting and practical activities towards this special festival.

The program of the Association called "Grateful Gift" took place in an exciting and enthusiastic atmosphere from representatives of the Union. With creativity and sophistication, you have invested a lot of time and effort to create beautiful but meaningful handmade gifts. Also, the confident and fluent presentations showing affection and cherished messages for dear teachers and aunts left a strong impression.

Figure 4: Competitive teams actively complete products in the "Grateful Gift" contest

As part of the annual Youth Union activities of the Chemistry Union, at 6:30 pm on November 18, 2019 in the hall of zone F, Da Nang University of Technology, took place the Cultural Program to welcome Vietnam Teachers` Day November 20 with the theme "People who sow the sun". Going through the music review round to choose the best performances, this year`s program has brought 13 interesting and meaningful contests, brought a lot of emotions to the teachers and audience. That was also the heartfelt gratitude of the Faculty students who wanted to send to the great teachers who have guided them on the path of self-improvement.

Figure 5: The performances are invested in images and meaning in the live show

In addition, FCE Youth Union also launched the Photo Contest and Writing Contest named "Moment of Gratitude" with the desire to help all the Chemistry students express their feelings and gratitude to their teachers. Thereby, the Organizing Committee wants this to be a place to help keep memorable moments about teachers and school, contribute to developing creative thinking and writing skills for students.

After nearly 2 weeks of voting and selecting, the photo contest and Writing Contest

"Moment of gratitude" received a lot of attention, especially students and teachers of the Faculty. A total of 17 entries submitted to the organizers were posted on the FCE fanpage.

Support to organize the Conference on Scientific Research of FCE student 2019 & BK Techshow 2020

In the morning of December 8, 2019, the Student Scientific Research Conference successfully took place with the participation of many members of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering.

On 55 exhibited themes and posters, the examiner board selected 7 most excellent subjects to award. And above all, all the students participating in the conference had a useful activity and more understanding of the scientific research activities of our Faculty.

Hình 6: The conference was received many student’s parcitipation

In parallel with the movement of scientific research students, the members of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering actively participated and supported in the BK Techshow 2020 event organized by Da Nang University of Technology at Phan Chau Trinh High School. Innovative and novel topics and products had been widely introduced to students and across the city.

Figure 7: Display and introduction area of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering’s products

By hot-blooded hearts and solidarity, on January 16 and 17th 2020, the Faculty of Chemical Engineering inter-branch union organized a voluntary program that is named “Anh Nang Yeu Thuong III” with more than 80 volunteers to share the good things to people who were in adverse circumstances in Duy Son commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province, bring the positive results in 2 days of dedicating their best.

With a desire to bring the most complete and meaningful program, the organization committee has actively planned and prepared early. In parallel with the support of sponsors and Faculty of Chemical Engineering union has done a fundraiser to contribute more funding for the trip via many practical activities.

Figure 8: The volunteers took pictures at the gathering site

Figure 9: Volunteers take memorable photos in front of the Martyrs Cemetery in Duy Xuyen district before officially ending the journey.

A meaningful campaign, the memorable journey has ended, but the solidarity, attachment, and loving connection always exist in our memories. The activity was supposed to be a meaningful moment in 2020, as well as the first step for FCE Youth Union to accomplish more targets.

Prevent and repel the epidemic with the contest "Khoa Hoa xoa Covid"

During COVID-19 pandemic period, FCE Youth Union launched a media photo and video contest with "Khoa Hoa xoa Covid" topic. The contest was organized to raise awareness of the community, especially spread out spirits to prevent the pandemic.

The program was launched on April 1, 2020, and has received great attention from students. Despite the adverse pandemic period and tight online-study schedule, students were still eagerly participating in the contest to spread the positive messages. Those submissions were posted on the Fanpage of FCE Youth Union received a huge of response and positively voted via likes, shares and reactions.

After the voting period from April 11 to April 27, the organization committees have figure out the three best works that won the awards.

Figure 10: Results of the contest "Khoa Hoa xoa Covid”

Successfully organized Talkshow "How to take internship effectively?" attracted the attention of the Faculty’s students and awarded the contest "Sắc màu khoa Hóa"

At 6 p.m on June 30th, 2020 in the hall zone F of Da Nang University of Technology, Talkshow: How to take internship effectively?” was organized by FCE Leader and FCE Alumni.

Figure 11: Dr. Vo Van Huy Hoang took a picture with the FCE lecturers and students.


The program ended with more excitement motivation and useful advice to students, from which to help student keep going on the upcoming extremely important internship.

In addition to organizing a series of important events, FCE Youth Union also enthusiastically supported the Faculty of Chemical Engineering in the enrollment students in the academic year 2020-2021.

Figure 12: “Hạ cánh nơi anh” short film received more than 4000 views on Yotube Channel

The Faculty of Chemical Engineering and other relevant Departments invested contests and advertisement images to help all the people, particularly in parents and the high school students, get the information quickly, visually and easily understand about the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Da Nang University of Technology.

Hình 13: 2020 Enrollment information of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Source: FCE Youth Union- Media Team -  Le Nguyen To Uyen