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Chemical Engineering Students Participate In The Young Science Exchange In Sakura 2019 Yokohama - Japan

12/03/2019 07:41

From January-16 to March-23, 2019, delegation of teacher and students from Faculty of Chemical Engineering DUT was honored to be invited to participate in Sakura Exchange Program in Science at Yokohama national university, Yokohama city, Japan.

Yokohama is one of districts of Kanagawa province which is known as  Japan’s prominent port city. From 1956 Yokohama has been renovated to be one of the most beautiful and modern wards of Japan. As a pioneer in the modernize and industrialize process of Japan, a lot of important achievements was taken place first in there such as gas-powered street lamps, selling ice-cream, establishment of Japan’s first daily newspaper.

Yokohama national university (YNU) has been a leading university in Yokohama which is also one of the highest rank national universities in Japan. With a student population of 10,000, a vast, leafy campus and modern facilities, YNU has long been committed to playing a global role with a long-term perspective.

Sakura Exchange Program in Science, donated by Japan Science and Technology Agency-JST and Japan- Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science of Science Foundation, is a multi-national science program for enhancing exchanges between Asian and Japan of the youths who will play crucial role in the future field of science and technology through the close collaboration of industry-academia-government by facilitating short-term visits of competent Asian youths to Japan.

Students involving this program were selected carefully by two rounds to ensure that they have best academic performance as well as English fluency ability.

Faculty of Chemical Engineering together with Department of Risk Management and Environmental Science and Graduate School of Environment and Information Science of Yokohama National university- Japan held the Science exchange program for students in both schools. According to the schedule of the project, there are several lectures along with doing experiments and journey to hydrogen plant.

All experience was carried out at modern laboratory at YNU, where the students and facilitator could apply chemist knowledge trained before into practical application such as measurement and analysis of explosion limit, flash point of aqueous butanol solution, dissolution equilibrium of oxygen between gas phrase and water phrase, corrosion and hydrogen engine. In addition, delegation have a tour to Hydro plant as well as the chance to experience Mirai, which is one of the first cars using hydrogen gas instead of fuels as usual.

In the final stage, YNU and DUT students showed all of their works in the previous phases including results of experience and experience about Japanese cultural discovery. During this time, participants could ask questions and students would consider those questions carefully because these question can somehow help improve one’s result and broaden their knowledge.

The Young Science exchange in Sakura is over with much success. Firstly, it created foundation for the long- term international connection between Yokohama National University and The University of Danang- University of Science and Technology. Secondly, it was a good chance for chemical engineering students to experience the modern and advanced technology along with the hospitality and kind of Japanese. Last but not least, a closer link established with all students and facilitators from both schools may lead to greater collaboration in the future.

From the bottom of heart, we want to say thank Japan Science and Technology Agency, as well as  Doctor Atsumi Miyake and Associate Professor Naoya Kasai at Yokohama National University for holding this program and all the support you have given us during our time here.

Some illustrating imagines:

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\51924520_948336895374624_6297296494097596416_n.jpg
Delegation from Faculty of Chemical Engineering -DUT photographed with Associate Professor Kasai and one of the first cars using hydrogen gas instead of fuels as usual.

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\52115498_949458675262446_5616254430597873664_n.jpg
Photographed with Dr. Kento Shiota after lecture abot Process Design Safety.

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\53760964_364813064359652_5648775330257698816_n.jpg
Doing experiment about flash point.

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\52487959_950035568538090_8483964640567492608_n.jpg
Photographed with Dr. Meguru Kaminoyama after lecture.

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\52312476_948336858707961_7146147465337503744_n.jpg
Delegation photographed with Non Nuoc stone (Danang), which was given as a gift to YNU by Gs. Tran Van Nam ( Chairman of Danang university)

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\52601863_950036038538043_6938971368398520320_n.jpg
Photographed with Associate Professor Izuru Kawamura during the erosion experiment.

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\53665494_1123539117850181_6914361162842767360_n.jpg
Hydro Plant tour.

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\52498789_949458725262441_4671671125116190720_n.jpg
One of laboratories of YNU.

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\53192482_637345510056733_3200023095360356352_n.jpg
Experience results report from DUT student.

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\53669236_2307916216198422_6321591131226243072_n.jpg
Photographed with chairman T.Shibutani after all presentations of students from both schools.

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\52384525_950036188538028_8617475258036781056_n.jpg
Enjoy dinner at university’s cafeteria.

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\52319831_949458841929096_3079263995274723328_n.jpg
Welcome party.

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\52406573_949458915262422_1984855664819699712_n.jpg
Exchange souvenirs after welcome party.

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\53912537_2231216416938768_6695721415938670592_n.jpg
Photographed with Faculty of transportation mechanical engineering.

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\52893670_949458581929122_9051402547050315776_n.jpg
The way to university.

Description: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\53671989_843133709363046_2257045789819797504_n.jpg
The way to university.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Truc Loan - Le Kim Ngoc