Thông báo các buổi tập huấn trực tuyến

19/04/2020 09:01

1. AUN-QA: Free SAR Zoom Clinic for “Writing a Good SAR”.

Organizer: Education Quality International (EQI) in collaboration with AUN-QA

The daily 1-hour SAR Clinic will be conducted over 10 sessions from.

Registration Conditions 20- 24 April and 27 April – 1 May 2020

  • Any AUN-QA member university can register but priority will be given to universities which have been allocated AUN-QA programme assessment in 2020 as well as CLM countries.
  • Each university can submit more than 1 participant but one place will be given first and the rest will be allocated if the places are not fully taken up.
  • Participants must have knowledge of AUN-QA Programme Framework (version 3). Confirmed participants are encouraged to attend all the 10 sessions. The registration is non-transferable once the participant has been allocated a training place.
  • For effective learning, participants need to have good wifi connection as well as audio and camera.
  • The session is free. It’s a collaborated community service project between AUN-QA Network and Education Quality International (EQI).


To register, please e-mail Mr. Johnson at livingbetter.johnson@gmail.com with your name, university, country and email address





In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, University of Deusto and ASEAN University Network have adjusted its classrooms to online methodologies in order to continue supporting society and students as usual. We understand that all partner universities are moving to online modalities and would like to offer our support with this task through a free of charge online training focused on how to establish remote attendance model that will allow you to continue teaching and interacting with students normally.

“Remote Attendance Learning Model” is a free webminar offered by ASEAN University Network in cooperation with the University of Deusto which focuses on the important elements to consider regarding online learning.

Universities around the world have begun transitioning towards online classes as an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 and this may be a new undertaking for many of us here in the ASEAN region. To provide valuable information and assist in this effort, we have prepared a one-hour webinar in cooperation with the University of Deusto that will be helpful in providing our academics with the necessary tools to be effective online instructors.

The training focuses on how to establish a remote attendance learning model that will allow you to continue teaching and interact with your respective students. This course will cover the following major topics:

● The Learning Methodology

● Technology essential to online courses (Google Meet, Zoom, Loom, Twiddla (an online whiteboard and many more tools)

● Motivation and community engagement

● Student workload

Additional details can be found at www.aunsec.org or you can click to register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdEIstAHcyraq_ndqT_qrMiDaAbW282VqImWH7IdbTtfF7XDw/viewform

Please register before 21 April 2020.

We are wishing for physical and mental strength for the entire AUN family. In these difficult times, it is more important than ever to remember that it is the spirit of cooperation that will get us through this together.



3. Best Practices for Online Grading and Assessment (60 mins)

Organizer:  AWS Educate

            Speaker: Dave Braunschweig

Online learning doesn’t just change how we approach content delivery and how students engage in learning. To be effective, we also have to adapt our approach to assessment. In this webinar we will consider a variety of best practices for online grading and assessment, including:

• Online activities and assessment techniques

• Individual assignments and team projects

• Formative assessments and summative assessments

Speaker: Dave Braunschweig, Professor of Computer Information Systems at Harper College Speaker bio: Dave Braunschweig has more than twenty-five years of experience as an independent certified technical trainer and professor of Computer Information Systems at Harper College. His credentials include a master's degree in Information Systems Management, a graduate-level Master Online Teacher certificate, CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+), and more than sixty computer industry certifications. Dave has a passion for open education and has published fourteen open educational resource learning guides, several open guides on best practices for online learning, and has co-authored an open textbook on programming fundamentals. He teaches an open course on open educational practices and is a frequent contributor on Wikiversity. Dave focuses his presentations on combining technical skills with real-world applications, so that participants are able to directly relate to and apply what they are learning.

 Link to event: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8970611212388460811