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21/06/2021 08:52

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Issue #56 (June 2021)




Interdisciplinarity and lifelong learning at NUS: Strong support from alumni and employers

At the Times Higher Education Asia Universities Summit, NUS President Professor Tan Eng Chye discussed how transformational changes at NUS are key to preparing students for a world of disruption and change. Both alumni and employers are supportive of the move towards interdisciplinarity and lifelong learning, and have echoed a need for graduates to be multi-faceted in their skills and abilities.


By the National University of Singapore


Developing Youth into Ethical and Practical Problem Solvers in a Diverse ASEAN with SMU-X
With youth being key to solving ASEAN’s contemporary problems, the development of youth capacity to tackle practical and ethical dilemmas has become a top priority. In his presentation at the ECAAR Ethics Webinar Series, Dr. Paul Lim of the Singapore Management University (SMU) details his experience with SMU-X and the youth he worked with. His key message was simple: that old ways and thoughts may not work for future challenges and that it is our ethical duty to allow youth to show the way forward.

By Aninditya Putri Prameswari, AUN Intern


Day 2 of Crosslight Learning Session invites collaboration and innovation for young artists

The pandemic has demanded resilience and innovation from the arts and culture sector, especially in how to adapt to the new normal. In facing the challenges, we are invited to explore the central role of youth in breaking down existing cultural barriers and taking over as the talented successors of the ASEAN+3 region. In Day 2 of the Crosslight Learning Sessions, there were discussions over “Managing The Arts and Empowering Young Artists in the New Normal” with the hope of inspiring teachers and art directors in teaching the importance of collaboration and innovation in art for young people. Crosslight will continue to explore topics critical to the creatives of the ASEAN+3 region. Visit their Facebook page here to find out more.




By Astrid Ribka Aranetta, AUN Intern


Chiang Mai University achieving SDGs and University Social Responsibility through health promotion

In order to advance its sustainable development goals and attain university social responsibility goals, Chiang Mai University is conducting the Chiang Mai Healthy University programme. With major activities and collaborations with local municipalities achieved in 2020, the programme looks to expand to address emerging concerns and international collaboration in 2021.

By Aninditya Putri Prameswari, AUN Intern




Volunteer Programme

E-ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme 2021

This pandemic again has necessitated the ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme (AYVP) Secretariat at UKM and the University of the Philippines (UP), in partnership with the ASEAN Secretariat and Ministry Youth and Sports Malaysia to host the E-AYVP Philippines 2021.

COVID-19 has devastated the education sector. School closures have disrupted learning for more than 1.6 billion students around the world. As of January 2021, UNESCO estimates that more than 234 million children and youth remain affected by school closures in 33 countries, equaling more than 13 percent of enrolled learners worldwide. An estimated 11 million girls may never return to schooling. In addition, the effects of the pandemic exacerbated pre-existing education inequality, especially disadvantaging girls, learners with disabilities, people living in extreme poverty, and other marginalized groups.


Hence with the theme of “Strengthening the ASEAN Education Delivery Systems in Challenging Times”, this three-week programme seeks to develop the future leaders of ASEAN, the youths who will take the lead in strengthening the education systems, especially in this new normal, together with the local communities.


The programme will feature various international prominent figures in education, translated into ASEAN-focused virtual webinars and masterclasses.


The Call for Volunteers has been made on 31 May 2021 via AYVP's official online channels - AYVP Facebook page, Twitter account and AYVP UKM website (http://www.ayvpukm.com.my/).


The closing date of application for Volunteers is 26 June 2021, 2359H GMT+8. The selection will be based on individual merits and only shortlisted volunteers will be notified before 11 August 2021.


Online Bootcamp
ASEAN University Startup Bootcamp 2021
Chulalongkorn University and the AUN University Innovation and Enterprise (AUN-UIE) are glad to invite member universities of the ASEAN+3 UNet to  to join an international startup network! ASEAN University Startup Bootcamp.


ASEAN University Startup Bootcamp is a project that brings together a group of creative and passionate undergraduates from all over the ASEAN +3 region who are interested in starting startups and aspired to become new-gen entrepreneurs. Through intensive 3 weeks of FREE online training and workshops, participants will have the opportunity to practice and learn all about startup essentials. Mentors and experts are provided here to share experiences and give consultations.


Furthermore, participants may get inspiration and a new point of view from the startup networking activities with ASEAN international students.


Apply now - 27 June 2021 (GMT+7) 

1. Participant must be a current student with a Bachelor degree from ASEAN +3 region 
2. Interest and Intend to be an entrepreneur in startups 


How to apply 
Scan QR code on the poster or fill this form http://bit.ly/aseanuniversitystartupsummerbootcamp

For submission guidelines and more information, please contact

Email: aseanuniversitystartup@gmail.com 
#AUSsummerbootcamp #aseanuniversitystartup #startyourstep #startup101.


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