Student of Chemical Engeneering Faculty with research activities

25/03/2021 10:38

At Danang University of Science and Technology, there are 3 terms per year: term 1, term 2 and summer term. That's how hard-working the students here are.  Although years by years, the diploma project is always a memorable thing. It will be more memorable when you decide to do a research project instead of a design.

Many students asked me: "Why is doing research?", "You are doing research too much! You can do a design project instead and find a job in which you can obtain both skills and practical experience".

Of course, there are many reasons to choose a design project, but to me, research is a real experience. Experience both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. A trip where you have to carry huge backpacks on your shoulders:

- Backpack 1 includes the basic knowledge of your specialty.

- Backpack 2 has in-depth knowledge of a particular subject.

- Backpack 3 you put your logical thinking - this is used a lot (because when you undertake a research topic, the first thing you have to do is figure out the path you will take, it is like writing down the destinations on the trip. A trip more than four months like that).

- Backpack 4, of course, has skills such as writing scientific articles, topics, outlines, skills in laboratory practice, using equipment, processing and analyzing data, results, explaining problems and phenomena that occur when researching, etc.

And finally backpack 5 the "emotional backpack ". In that beautiful little bag, you will collect for yourself multicolored "sinusoidal" emotional bands through research time. Start with the "hope" color when your teacher guides you to do the research, it's very proud because not everyone has this opportunity. Green keeps darkening over time and also increases emotionally when you learn about the topic, it will peak when you draw a "dream" research direction. Then suddenly, it turned brown and began to show signs of going down. At this point, you have entered the second step of your topic. It's time when you go to the lab early in the morning and came back when the sun went down: Experiment is broken down, the results have problems, equipment was broken, lack of materials,... And then, the color band turned black, and go down to the bottom. Many students will probably cry at this moment. "One month left but the topic has not gone anywhere, the report has not been completed, the results are not as expected, ... my friends working on the design are now they finished, they are going to make up to take a yearbook, ...” After crying, sadness, I would try again, because I knew my teacher always supports me. Then finally, at the end of the road, the bright band of color would come. It was bright and brilliant yellow for the efforts of both teachers and students. The research topic was exhibited and performed at the Faculty's and University's scientific research conference, and the DUT Techshow conference was very gorgeous.

As a research student, especially in the food industry, it would be very impressive to have my products before graduation. Our topic - "Research on chemical ingredients and development of products from pulp and avocado seeds" under the guidance of Dr. Nguyen Thi Truc Loan has launched two products "Avocado seed tea” and “Avocado oil". Overcoming difficulties when the Covid-19 outbreak interrupted and shortened the research time, limited equipment, machinery, chemicals, ... the topic was awarded first prize of the scientific research contest of the Chemistry Subcommittee and Third Prize (Technology Prize) at DUT TechShow 2020 exhibition. The research topic's result was also the "technology input" for a model of producing products from the avocado of the Viet Xanh Cooperative in Nghe An.

Vietnam still has strength in agriculture, Vietnam's agricultural products can still be confident as potential "research objects" in the future. The creativity of students is unlimited, especially students of Chemistry. So, don't be pressured in term 1, term 2, summer term, let's "put pressure" on the project period, future engineers!