Quality Assurance activities at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering (FCE)

26/02/2018 15:21

Implementing the guideline of the Ministry of Education and Training on the accreditation of university education, the Council for Quality Assurance of Chemical Engineering Faculty was established under the Decision No. 111 / QĐ-ĐHBK-KT & DBCLGD dated 5/4/2015 is responsible for advising the Management Board and the Scientific Faculty Council on testing and quality assurance to improve the quality of education and training which are associated closely with business demands. On that basis, FCE issues quality assurance plans based on university plans, including a plan for monitoring and evaluating implementation, getting feedback from stakeholders yearly. This is aimed at evaluating and improving the training Program.

The diversification of teaching methods and updating of knowledge on quality assurance systems domestically and internationally are concerned by the FCE as well as CE-OGD. Many lecturers have been sent to attend the course trainings or seminars under Programs/ projects of HEEAP, BUILD-IT, CDIO, AUN-QA.

According to Official Dispatches 1074 and 1075 / KTKDCLGD-KDHH on the general guideline on the use of criteria for evaluating the quality of the program and guiding the self-evaluation of training programs issued by the Ministry of Education and Training on June 28, 2016, the FCE has conducted self-assessment report for 4 programs: Food Technology, Petroleum Engineering, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering. Particularly in April 2018, Petroleum Engineering will participate in external assessment in accordance with AUN-QA standards. According to the roadmap registered with the University until 2019, the food industry will register for accreditation in accordance with the AUN-QA standards, and by 2020 will be the program of biotechnology and chemical engineering.

This is also the goal that the FCE has reached as one of the leading faculties of the university in the orientation to develop a research-oriented university by 2020, continuing to develop sustainably and improve research capacity. to develop into a future research university.

It is focused on accelerating the scientific research and technology transfer, renovating teaching methods in the direction of strengthening the capacity of students and students, ensuring that learners have a deep professional knowledge. Good skills, cooperation, entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability to match the increasing integration of Vietnam's economy into ASEAN and the world