About The Faculty of Chemical Engineering (FCE)

26/02/2018 14:02

After nearly three years of establishing University Institute of Danang, on February 9, 1978, the Minister of University and Vocational Secondary School signed the decision to establish the Faculty of Chemical Engineering (FCE). This decision of the Minister marked the birth, growth and development of the FCE to the present. After 39 years of building and growing up, FCE has become one of the leading institutions for training, researching, enhancing professional for officers, and transferring technologies for the fields of chemistry, materials, petroleum, and bio-food in the Central- Highlands as well as the whole country.

Presently, FCE has 49 staffs with 40 teaching staffs (including 7 Associate Professors and 16 Doctors) divided into 4 divisions: Material Technology, Chemical Engineering - Oil and Gas; Food Technology and Biotechnology. The Faculty is also promoting many staffs to study Masters, PhD, post-doctoral in many prestigious university in countries such as England, France, Japan, Australia, Taiwan ... to constantly improve the quality of cadres, the prestige of the school as well as to meet the needs of integration with other countries in the region and in the world. The faculty has five programs: silicate-chemical engineering [1978], polymer-chemical engineering [1990] petroleum engineering [1995], food technology [1978] and biotechnology [2001]; 3 Master programs: chemical engineering, food technology and biotechnology; 2 PhD programs: food technology and biotechnology.

In addition to teaching activities, cadres, trainers of faculty have been involved in a number of research projects. Many NAFOSTED projects, ministry-level, province-level and Danang-level universities have been accepted with high quality; VIFOTEC Awards, Young Science Talent Prize, HOLCIM Award ... From the results of the research project, many articles have been published in international and national scientific journals and country. In the new scenario with the fundamental and comprehensive reform of the education and training sector, all cadres and staff in the Faculty are determined to build up the Faculty of Chemical Engineering into one of the best-educated faculties with scientific research movement regionally and internationally qualified.