Food Technology student with contest "DUT - Reading Ambassadors 2020"

21/08/2020 11:38

Do Thi Ngoc Huyen, student of class 16H2, Food technology major won the third prize in the contest "DUT-reading ambassadors 2019" and the second prize in 2020 organized by the Learning and Communication Center of Da Nang University of Technology Scienc and Technology.

This is a contest organized to promote student's habit of reading. The contest was held for the first time in 2019. After enrolling twice, I feel the professionalism and dedication of the Organizing Committee.

For spread the meaningful contest and create motivation for H2-ers come closer to the book, I would like to share my experiences through the following 2 main sections:

What motivates me to participate the contest "DUT-reading ambassadors"

A small hint: "Towards the book among the Covid-19 pandemic to generate a good habit".


1. What motivates me to participate the contest "DUT-reading ambassadors"

I went to the library to borrow books and was extremely satisfied with the elements I needed: orthodox books, a fantastic environment, good light for myopic eyes. I used to feel embarrassed when interact with the library staff.  A moment when I saw warmly instruction of a staff member with a student who could not find the book he needed, the previous feeling was broken.

Indeed, the library is a place where I can find many precious books for my demand. From the books included in manufacturing products such as beer, starch, fish sauce, confectionery, seafood processing ... or another on enzyme technology, food preservation technology. I believe there are valuable resources for each H2 student to have a comprehensive source of knowledge, understand deeply about issues surrounding the food technology.

If we know how to take advantage of the knowledge from books, exercise, project-based learning, the thesis will be easier. The second floor of the library has a bookshelf dedicated to the Food Chemistry specialty that you can easily find to read and borrow for 2 weeks. All the discover I have about food technology made me immersed in it.

I am proud of the Learning and communication center of Da Nang University of technology owned the biggest space among University of Danang. I afraid of when I graduated, I don't have opportunity enhancing the knowledge treasure with merely 50.000 VND (the fee for enhancing)

The organizer committee makes great efforts to attract student participation. We have a long time to join this interesting contest, don't worry about it take the same time as your exam. "DUT- Reading ambassador" takes place annually in April to commemorate the Book and reading culture day of April 21. There are very wonderful prizes. So do not miss the opportunity to join it next year!

2. A small hint: "Towards the book among the Covid-19 pandemic to generate a good habit".


The second outbreak of the Sar-Cov 2 virus is really serious, the time of isolation prevents me from communicating, expanding relationships as well as learning more from reality. At this point, self-help books are a good choice for reflecting ourselves. But reading self-help books without your idea makes you lose your direction. Hence, you need to choose a suitable one.

Speaker Vo Van Huy Hoang - Director of Vinasoy Binh Duong factory at sharing meeting with the topic "How to take internship effectively" host by the Faculty of Chemistry mentioned the benefits of the book as well as gave suggestions about good books should read.

The administrate of the job-seeking named Celfwork (active on Facebook foundation with nearly 70,000 followers) said that “Self-help book is such a dessert and major book is the main dish". We can choose self-help books to stimulate our curiosity and enrich soul life. But if we lack professional knowledge, we lack the ability for working.

By online learning, lectures directly put the book link on the LMS website, so it's so convenient for all of us to click and start reading the journey. Through the books was sent, I know exactly answered for my confused question: “My classmates had taught by the same lectures, the same amount of knowledge and at the same time. Why do they have knowledge that they don't have? " Since they discover a new horizon from books. They accumulate experiences wrote in those books. It makes them confident in all circumstances.

I hope you patient enough for breaking the definition called "virtual effort" on the way to come closer to books. "Virtual effort" means you buy a lot of books and then you can't read them all, you downloaded lots of eBooks but never opened them.

Whenever you feel distracted you need to read aloud the book. It does not only help you create interest in reading but practice your voice clearer. Do you know our abdominal muscles will work more efficiently by it? Once you have completed each chapter of the book, you should summarise the content as we are presenting. Imagine that the audience is someone who does not know anything about the book you are reading. Let's convey the amount of knowledge they understand. I believe if we can do that, we will improve our logical thinking and presentation skills.

Thank you very much for reading it and hope some tips I recommend can help you.

Quang Nam, 14th August, 2020
Do Thi Ngoc Huyen