International Workshop on Biomedical Materials

31/01/2018 09:49

On 25/01/2018, at the Learning & Resource Center, The University of Da Nang-University of Science and Technology (DUT) held an international workshop on biomedical materials co-organized by Faculty of Chemical Engineering-DUT, Laboratory of Nano - Composite of Ho Chi Minh University of Science and Technology and Theranostic Material Research Center, Sungkyunkwan University-Korea.

Attending the seminar was the presence of Assoc. Prof. Doan Quang Vinh – Rector of University; Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Van Dung - Dean of Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Professors of Sungkyunkwan University, Korea; lecturers, representatives from the Polymer & Composite Polymer Laboratory - University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City and other researchers, lecturers and students are interested in this workshop.

The seminar is a place for professors and researchers to exchange, introduce and exchange the latest research achievements while also helping students to inspire scientific research.

We hope that this three-partners collaboration will open up new combinations of research to contribute to the advancement of biomedical sciences, bringing better and better lives to people.The workshop was successful and meaningful.

Some pictures of the seminar:

Picture 1: Assoc.Prof Doan Quang Vinh, Rector of DUt give a speech

Picture 2: Assoc.Prof Huynh Dai Phu, Dean of Faculty of Material Engineering, HUTS give a speech

Picture 3: Poster Presentation

Picture 4: Dr. Youngro Byun, Sungkyunkwan University presents his research

Picture 5: Photo of all participators