Workshop “University and Enterprises in Improvement of Petroleum Engineering Training Program 2017”

26/11/2017 11:04

Accreditation of education is a new trend in Vietnam but has long been familiar with the world. In the context of global education integration, the quality of education is a core matter and a vital factor of a university. Therefore, in order to be socially recognized, all universities must be evaluated and tested by a common measurement. It is obvious that graduate certification and the employment opportunities of graduates from a quality accredited university are different from universities that do not meet accreditation standards.

With the trend of international integration, the University of Danang – University of Science and Technology (DUT) is designing integrated training programs following CDIO approach (CDIO stands for Conceive - Design - Implement – Operate) which include the Petroleum Engineering program, one of the prestige training program of the DUT and expected to be accredited under AUN-QA by April 2018. Therefore, on 18 November 2017 at the Meeting room building E, the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and the Division of Chemical Engineering-Oil and Gas held a seminar on the topic:


Invited guests were representatives of enterprises in the fields of Oil Refinery and Petrochemical, Gas processing, Oil and Gas design, Oil and Gas product trading and development, petroleum chemical services, and the field of training and research of Oil and Gas, as follows:

+ Representatives of Binh Son Refinery Company Ltd.(BSR) : Mr. Mai Tuan Dat, Permanent Vice Chairman of Quang Ngai Petroleum Association branch, Head of Production Operations; Mr. Dang Ngoc Dinh Diep - Member of the Executive Board of Quang Ngai Petroleum Association branch, Deputy Director of Research and Development Department, and  specialists from Quang Ngai Petroleum Association Branch Office;

+ Mr. Nguyen Van Trong Luat, Deputy Director of PetroVietnam Petroleum Joint Stock Company;  

+ Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thong, Head of Testing Division, Petrolimex Company sector V;

+ Mr. Mai Xuan Ba, Deputy Head of Production Engineering Department, Vietnam Gas Corporation;

+ Mr. Chau Khieu Minh, Deputy Director of Petrovietnam Information and Training Center, Petroleum Institute of Vietnam;

+ Mr. Tran Van Hai, Technical Manager, Da Nang Rubber Joint Stock Company (DRC);

+ Mr. Truong Cong Truc, Design Engineer, Technip Company, Vietnam

+ Mr. Bui Anh Vu, Atlantic Company, Vietnam;

+ Ms. Nguyen Vo Hung Huy, Nalco Vietnam;

+ Ms. Truong Ngoc Anh, Department of Customs Inspection 4

Other guests were alumni from cohort 1995, 1996, 2006 and 2007 working in Da Nang, Vietnam Central Region and 4th and 5th -year student representatives of Petroleum engineering program.

On behalf of DUT, the workshop was attended by Ass.Prof. Le Cung, Vice Rector, Dr. Phan Minh Duc and Dr. Nguyen Thi Dieu Hang who are Head and Deputy Head of Department of Academic Affairs, respectively; Ass. Prof. Nguyen Dinh Lam, Head of Research and International Cooperation Department, MSc. Le Ngoc Trung, Faculty leaders and all lecturers involved in the Petroleum engineering program.

After the opening speech of Ass. Prof. Dr. Le Cung, the program began with the presentation of Dr. Dang Kim Hoang, Head of the Chemical Engineering - Oil and Gas Division, about the current situation of Petroleum engineering training program in in recent years and trends as well as the needs and desires to innovate to catch up with the world and meet the requirements of the markets. The main content of the workshop was the discussion between enterprises and DUT on the quality of graduates and the current requirements of enterprises to the graduates.

Representatives of Binh Son Refinery Company Ltd., which had recruited about 125 alumni (approximately 16% of total graduates), highly evaluated the role of Faculty of Chemical Engineering in providing manpower force to the company and expected the DUT to focus on the knowledge and skills needed for graduates to ensure the operational objectives of the Dung Quat Oil Refinery, safety and highest effects.

On the other hand, representatives from the Vietnam Petroleum Institute, a strategic consultancy unit for the development of PetroVietnam Oil Corporation, had shared relevant information so that the University/Faculty can provide employment orientation for graduates in the period 2020-2025.

Enterprises had had lively discussions, practical suggestions and useful sharing for the improvement of the training program. In addition, representatives of enterprises were ready to support the university in receiving students for the internship program and in the exchange of practical experience when required to express the roles and responsibilities of enterprises in education and training.

Based on the discussions and practical experience, the participants carried out questionnaires to help the Faculty re-design the Petroleum objectives and learning outcomes in order to be in line with the trend of the social development and business requirements. Based on the survey, the faculty would adjust the content of knowledge, skills, and attitudes of training programs to be compatible with and according to the CDIO approach.

Some photos of the workshop:

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Ass.prof. Le Cung, Vice Rector gave opening speech.

Ass.Prof. Nguyen Dinh Lam, Head of Research and International Cooperation Department gave presentation

Dr. Phan Minh Duc, Head of Academic Affairs Department briefly introduced the orientation of DUT on the program improvement.
MSc. Le Ngoc Trung, Deputy Dean of Chemical Engineering gave opinions

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BSR representative gave opinions

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PVGAS representative

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Technip representative

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Representative from PVOil, Central region

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Statement from representative of Petrolimex V

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Alumni 96H5 who works at BSR

From DRC Danang

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Representative of Vietnam Petroleum Institute

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From Nalco representative

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From Atlatic representative

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Representative from current students

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Fill in the survey form

Group photo