Faculties of Architecture of the 2 schools: DUT and Maebashi Institute of Technology, Japan co-organized the workshop "Design the Center Square of Danang"

27/09/2017 04:22

In the framework of cooperation in training and scientific research between Maebashi-Japan Institute of Technology and Da Nang University of Technology, the research team including Prof. Hoshi Kazuhiko, Prof. Mitamura and 9 faculties of Architecture - Maebashi Institute of Technology together with lecturers and students of Faculty of Architecture, DUT co-organized the Workshop "Design the Center Square of Danang". Other activities related to the landscape planning design had taken place from September 10th to September 16th, 2017, in Da Nang.

The tasks of this workshop are urban design and landscape design for the central square of the city, accompanied by ideas to preserve the spiritual, cultural and historical values of architecture as Han market and neighboring works. Students approached the tasks through field survey, historical document research, team work, proposed architectural projects and model demonstration.

Many activities have taken place in the workshop such as Seminars on Vietnamese traditional houses, Relationship between architecture and environment. In addition, the students have been invited to attend classes taught by Japanese professors.

On this occasion, Maebashi Institute of Technology has given the Faculty of Architecture nearly 100 books of Architecture - planning, for teaching materials and reference.