Fulbright Scholar Program at the Faculty of Architecture, DUT

11/09/2017 03:56

In the framework of cooperation between the Fulbright Scholar Program and the Danang University of Science and Technology, on September 11th, 2017, the Faculty of Architecture held the welcoming ceremony to Professor David Rockwood, former Head of the Faculty of Architecture, Hawaii University, (United States) to work at Faculty of Architecture during 12 months.

This is the second time that Professor Rockwood has lectured and studied at the Faculty of Architecture, following the success of his first trip in 2011, with a research on "Using Vietnamese traditional materials in new architecture". In this academic year 2017-2018, Professor Rockwood will provide lectures on architecture and construction.  Together with the faculties, a study on “Using local materials to create low price wall panel, which have high effect in thermal and acoustic insulation, in building houses for low-income people in Vietnam” will be deployed.

According to the plan, Professor Rockwood and the faculties will hold 30 theoretical sessions and assignments, practical sessions, experiments, monitoring and reports. At the end of the course, the qualified participants will receive the certificates.