Educational Philosophy

05/08/2018 05:11

Educational Philosophy of the UD-DUT was promulgated in the Decision No. 34/QDDHBK dated on January 28th, 2015 by the UD-DUT Rector, as follows: “Thinking, Creativity and Humanity Cherishing”.

* General meaning of the Educational Philosophy:

Philosophy of Education is the guidance of specific goals of national education, which is suitable to different periods in history. The philosophy is the expectation of every citizen in contributing knowledge, strength and responsibilities to the country. With the philosophy “Thinking, Creating and Humanity cherishing”, the UD-DUT sets the goal of educating its students to acquire skills and attitudes; the critical thinking; be compassionated and have social responsibilities

* Content of the Educational Philosophy:

- Thinking: is a necessary task in studying. Thinking enables students to comprehend knowledge thoroughly. This is the foundation of self-study, discovery, critical thinking and knowledge enhancement.

- Creativity: Having creativity means students can discover new knowledge from sciences and technology, which helps to enhance living standards. Creativity creates
invention and practical application.

- Humanity cherishing: Humanity reminds students of living without selflessness, taking the social responsibilities, becoming decent citizens and having gratitude to their parents.

The UD-DUT’s Philosophy of Education meets with the country’s requirements of innovation, satisfying studying demands of students of any ages: learn to think, to be helpful to the community. This is the decisive goals and missions of the University as well as the orientation to every studying activity. Especially, the Philosophy of Education brings peace to people’s minds when facing morality deviations.