Kogakuin summer camp exchange in Japan

28/07/2018 04:07

The Kogakuin Summer Camp, sponsored by the Japanese government, Sakura Foundation, Kogakuin University and DUT, has sent Vietnamese students to Japan this summer. The trip lasted from July 21, 2018 to July 28, 2018, with the participation of Lecturer Nguyen Xuan Trung (Faculty of Architecture) and 9 students from the Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Project Management, Faculty of Road and Bridge Construction.

In 7 days, the students have opportunities to explore some Japanese famous architectures, visit the research center in Hachioji, and learn about new materials, the structure anti-earthquake ... in the warm welcome of the Japanese partners.

Introductory meeting

Welcome party

MT.Fuji World Heritage Center

The ancient house with medicinal plants

The Shinkanshen and exhibition area

Material Laboratory

Learn about earthquake first aid equipment

The equipment creates earthquake vibration for research

The Tokyo Station - one of the ancient buildings restored

The Hazama Ando Company