Objectives and Learning Outcomes

05/08/2018 04:33


Program Objectives (POs)

General objectives

The objectives of the Architecture training program is to train architects who work in architectural and planning consulting services, serving the socio-economic development of Central and Highlands region as well as the whole country.

Specific objectives

Graduates from architecture training program after a minimum of 3 to 5 years are able to:

G 1 - Apply knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences into acquiring professional knowledge and studying at higher levels.

G 2- Apply specialized knowledge and professional knowledge of organizing forms of architecture, fieldwork, designing, implementing architectural works and urban planning.

G 3 - Apply interpersonal and professional skills in communication, teamwork, foreign language and information technology to work in inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural working environment.

G 4 - Understand and apply professional ethics and attitudes in the fields of architecture and planning. Understand and apply knowledge of economics, politics, laws and environment to contribute to the sustainable development of the society and community.

2. Program Expected Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Architects graduating from the Architecture training program will achieve the following learning outcomes:

1. Have professional ethics and social responsibility.

2. Have basic social and cultural fundamentals to develop personality.

3. An ability of lifelong learning.

4. An ability of using foreign language for communication and professional work.

5. An ability to use equipment and basic design software to support professional work.

6. An ability to apply general and specialized scientific knowledge as basis for the acquisition of specialized knowledge, development of logical and scientific thinking.

7. Have independent thinking and effective teamwork skills.

8. An ability to analyze, present and write reports related to the field of architecture and planning.

9. An ability to consult, design and deploy technical documentation of all types of architectural works.

10. An ability to participate in management in the fields of architecture, construction and urban planning.


1. Objectives

General Objectives

To educate graduate students with professional qualifications and skills in the field of architecture serving the Central and Highlands regions and the whole country. After completion of the program, students will have solid knowledge, ability to work independently, teamwork, ability to update new knowledge, practical ability and being adaptive to the development of architecture, having ability to detecting and solving problems in the field of architecture.

Specific objectives


Students graduated from the Master’s level of Architecture of DUT perform better at the quality of politics, ethics, social responsibility, especially the environmental responsibility in built environment;  to educate and perfect professional ethics and attitude.

Knowledge and skills

Graduate students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills in architecture and the following skills:

- Strengthening and improving basic scientific knowledge, professional fundamentals, and specialized knowledge, enhancing interdisciplinary knowledge; updating the specialized knowledge in the field of architecture

- Providing knowledge, methodology for scientific research, and acquiring independent research skills;

- Enhance theoretical knowledge and practical skills;

- Have necessary knowledge and skills to continue to study and research at doctoral level.

- Having necessary skills to solve practical issues in science and technology. These skills include: problem analysis (analysis, approach, goal setting, goal setting, etc.), problem solving (selection of studied subject, scope of study, content and research methods etc.) in the field of architecture.

- For foreign languages: To educate graduate students with knowledge before the completion of the degree according to point b, item 2, Article 27, Notification 15/2014 / TT-BGDDT (Level of foreign language ability of students. achieved at level B1 or level 3/6 of the Common European Framework - see Appendix II of the Notification), Decision 2523 / QĐ-ĐHĐN;

2. Graduate students are expected to achieve the following learning outcomes (LO):

LO 1: Have appropriate awareness and attitudes towards the socio-economic context of the country;

LO 2: Have ability to use a foreign language for professional work;

LO 3: Mastering scientific research methods for professional work;

LO 4: Mastering advanced knowledge in the field of architecture and urban planning to meet the requirements of international integration and sustainable development.

LO 5: Ability to apply new knowledge to improve management capacity in architecture and urban planning;

LO 6: Have analytical and integrated thinking to solve problems related to architectural and planning projects;