Faculty of Architecture - Scientific research

  • Scientific research conference for student of Faculty of architecture

    16/05/2018 08:07

    On May 7 th, 2008, the Scientific research conference of Architecture 2018, was successfully organized with the participation of representatives of the university board, the faculty of architecture and especially the spirit of enthusiastic, enthusiastic participation of students.

  • The Green Architecture 2017 award

    17/09/2017 14:59

    "The Green Architecture" which organized by the Prime Group is an annual, prestigious and quality architecture competition for architectural students. Award winning projects were based on the following criteria: Sustainable location; green technology; creation; sustainable material; community - humanity - national identity.

  • Techshow 2017

    22/05/2017 08:11

    As part of a series of activities to welcome the 2017 Student Scientific Research Conference, "DUT Technology Exhibition - TECHSHOW 2017" by the University of technology - University of Da Nang. On May 19-20, the Faculty of Architecture participated in the Techshow 2017 Technology Exhibition with a variety of products of high-tech research, demonstrating typical products, sharing ideas, skills, experience and making the festival extremely meaningful.

  • Scientific research conference 2017

    11/05/2017 14:54

    On 4th May 2017, Faculty of Architecture successfully organized the Student Scientific Research Conference. The conference was attended by leaders of International Cooperation Department, Faculty of Architecture and students.

  • Scientific research conference 2016

    06/05/2016 14:52

    On May 6th, 2016, Faculty of Architecture held a scientific research conference of students, with the participation of leader of Scientific research and International cooperation, teachers and students. After 1 year of implementation, seven topics were selected and completed for reporting.