Lecturer Tran Van Tam with his art activities in 2021

24/02/2022 21:56

In 2021, with his dedication to art, Tran Van Tam - lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture has achieved many achievements.

1.     There is selected work to be exhibited in the 26th Regional Fine Arts Exhibition of South Central Vietnam - Central Highlands in 2021 organized by the Vietnam Fine Arts Association and Kon Tum Provincial People's Committee in Kon Tum province (no exhibition held). presented for translation). This is the third time in a row through 2019, 2020, 2021 that paintings have been selected for regional exhibitions.

2.     There are 2 paintings selected to be displayed in the  Da Nang Fine Arts Exhibition in 2021 - an event held annually to summarize the creative process of each individual as well as the Danang Fine Arts Association, are “Old Mark 2” (acrylic, 100x100cm, 2021) and “City of Bridges” (acrylic, 120x120cm, 2021). In particular, the work "Old Mark 2" won 3rd prize.

                                                                                                                                         3rd prize at Danang Fine Arts Exhibition 2021:

                                                                                    Ancient stamp 2, acrylic, 100x100cm, 2021


                                                                Works attended at the 70-year Creative Camp on Vietnamese Fine Arts Tradition Day:

                                                                                      City of Bridges, acrylic, 120x120cm, 2021

He usually participates in art creation activities of Da Nang Fine Arts Association, Son Tra District People's Committee and he has organized several events such as: 2nd Son Tra District Fine Arts Camp, 70 Years of Vietnamese Fine Arts Tradition Camp Male. At the end of December 2021, he continued to participate in the 3rd Son Tra District Fine Arts Camp and his paintings were selected for display in the Exhibition "Xuan Hoang Dao and Da Nang's Achievements 25".