The Hope Group

22/02/2018 13:50


"Nurture trust - Light up hope" is the slogan of the volunteer club called "Hope" founded by students of the Faculty, established in 2008. The main task is to teach and help those who are studying at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Specialized School (Lien Chieu District - Da Nang City).

From the early days of the establishment, the club has received enthusiastic response from the students of IT Faculty in general and students from schools in the area in particular. After nearly 4 years of operation, up to now the number of members of the group has reached over 50 people.

"My group is totally volunteering, and the members are very happy and happy to be able to contribute a little bit of their own talents to teach them here. Each tree each flower, each house a scene, so that when exposed to the unlucky in this small space, all members are very enthusiastic to do well tasks, sharing the experience of living so that you no longer feel fear, and more confident when exposed to new ones." - That is the words of Mr. Le Hong Son – an IT students joined the groups for two years.

Mr. Son and a pupil at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Specialized School.

The Hope Group is a group that is designed to help you most often with your classmates at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Specialized School. Most of them are visually impaired, others are less functional. They want to study and work like other normal people. And the School has met that demand. But they still can not keep up with the notebook, as well as can not meet the requirements of learning in a way.

Young people here have many difficulties in activities as well as learning. In addition to the very sincere instruction from the teachers at the school, each evening in the week, usually assigned teams from 5 to 7 students come to teach and help the children. Many of them can not keep up with the work. Our task is to read them other writings in plain text for them to copy to Braille. The teacher can not read Braille to mark the test for them, then we will let them translate the word and then copy to normal text to submit their article. Many of them do not keep up the notebook. We will guide them to do exercises, revise some knowledge. Of course if too difficult, the members will jointly solve and show them or think at home again. In addition, the members also recorded the lyrics in the book pages so that they can not read can hear again .... We sometimes confide, share with them to create confidence and the will in learning as well as activities for them.

A group teaching session.

Not only that, the group also gave self-made gifts and organized small parties for children to celebrate Tet, Mid-Autumn, Christmas ... holidays so that they can feel warmth when living away from family and relatives.

Little friends at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Specialized School.

Although sometimes there are many difficulties in traveling, teaching, arranging time, funds to organize activities for children but all members are always trying their best, from selling flowers to collecting old books or bottles ..., to help these future preschools to develop further, more harmony, better understanding the issues of society and life outside, so that when entering the life they no longer feel self-deprecating, closed or afraid, but instead will be self-confidence.

Let's hope the activity of the Hope Group will grow stronger! For the future, not only the children at the Nguyen Dinh Chieu Specialized School will be helped but also many other organizations.

Nguyen Thi Tho, Class 12CBC - Danang Pedagogy University.

Some photos of the group's activities:

With the children at the Christmas party.

An annual fundraising activity of the group.

Together with the children in 8-3 day.