Doctorate training

22/02/2018 04:51


The IT Faculty is one of the full range of training faculties (Engineers, Masters, Ph.D.) at the DUT. The IT Faculty is constantly developing resort to train scientists with advanced degrees in software engineering, testing, image processing, signal processing, automatic machine learning, modeling, ...

Beginning in 2010, recruiting 10 first PhD Student, PhD training in Computer Science is constantly growing and annually enrolls 3 to 5 PhD students. At this time, there are more than 14 PhD Student graduated from this program.

Common goals

Doctorate in Computer Science with high level of proficiency in Computer Science, capable of researching and leading research groups in the fields of specialization, scientific thinking, the ability to access and solve specialized scientific issues, capable of presenting and introducing scientific contents and capable of training universities and higher education institutions.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the research program, the researcher (NCS) has the ability to:

- Explore, interpret and exchange new knowledge through new research that is quality, editable and accepted by the community;

- Present and protection of new results, breakthroughs in research in the field of "Computer Science";

- Play an active role in the work and develop professional relationships with partners in the necessary circumstances;

- Formulate scientific ideas and hypotheses in an active and independent way; design, develop, implement and implement plans to evaluate these ideas and assumptions;

- Assess the current issues, research and academic progress in the field of "Computer Science" creatively and deeply;

- Have the skills necessary to work as an experienced scientific researcher capable of leading in the field of "Computer Science";

- Assess your achievements as well as others;

- Ability to navigate and make decisions effectively in complex, unpredictable situations;

- Learn independently and have the ability to continuously develop professional competence.

Training time

Full time: 3 years