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Leadership of the IT Faculty, term of office 2020-2025

Dean: Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Tan Khoi, PhD.

Email:;      Mobile: 0903 511 888

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Responsibility: General management of faculty activities; Development planning; Human resource management, staff training and fostering; Master program; Council of Science and Training; Relationship with local training institutions; Emulation and reward work; Management of facilities; High Quality Engineering Training PFIEV.

Vice-Dean: Dang Hoai Phuong, PhD.

Email:;      Mobile: 0935 578 555

Responsibility: Undergraduate program; Relationship with business partners at home and abroad; Student management; Youth activities; Site manager of the Faculty.

Vice-Dean: Pham Minh Tuan, PhD.

Email:;    Mobile: 0913 230 910

Responsibility: International cooperation; Educationnal Quality Assurance; High Quality Program; Management of research; Student Research; DATIC Research Center; PhD program.