RECRUITMENT NEWS: Job opportunity for a Korean Permanent Magnet Company

28/06/2022 09:20

Rare earth permanent (NdFeB) magnets are a key strategic resource used in everything from home appliances, mobile phones, electric vehicle motors to military equipment, and China accounts for more than 90% of the world's supply.

Star Group Industries Co. Ltd. (SGI) is a Korean Permanent (NdFeB) Magnet manufacturer based in Daegu, Korea. SGI has been in operation for over 28 years and recently decided to expand our operation in Chan May Lang Co Economic Zone, Thua Thien Hue Province. The Vietnam magnet factory (5,000tpa sintering capacity) is expected to commence operation in early 2024 and seeking to commence ERC/IRC application processing.

SGI is seeking to hire 20-30 manufacturing employees to send to Daegu, Korea for 12-15 month training from Sept/Oct-22. These trained employees will return to Vietnam and expect to operate and manage SGI Vietnam Permanent Magnet Facility.

SGI is seeking an immediate position in Project Manager to work with President-SGI Vietnam on daily basis to 1) work with IP Developer and Thua Tien Hue Province from ERC/IRC, 2) work with Construction company to ensure Project timeline and budget is met, 3) Assist President on other matter relating to SGI-Vietnam.

SGI is seeking an immediate position in Human Resource Manager to work with President-SGI Vietnam side-by-side to 1) hire 20-30 employees for Korea training, 2) gradual hiring of factory/office employees up to 400 by Q3-23.


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Role Description for HR Manager

Role Description for Project Manager

Role Description for Korea Trainees

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