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Công ty này chuyên về thiết kế kỹ thuật các Vi mạch điện tử và phát triển các phần mềm liên quan.

Dành cho các sinh viên các chuyên ngành: Điện, Điện tử viễn thông, Công nghệ thông tin, chương trình tiên tiến, chương trình chất lượng cao, Cơ điện tử, Sư phạm kỹ thuật.


Thời gian: 09h00 - 11h00 sáng ngày 08/09/2014 (Sáng thứ 2)

Địa điểm: Hội trường F trường ĐHBK - 54 Nguyễn Lương Bằng

Applications Now Open

The Sunflower Mission Engineering & Technology Scholarship for Excellence Program, in collaboration with the technology industry, is a program that offers grants to undergraduate students in circuit design engineering or software development related disciplines. The program aims to recognize students demonstrating excellence in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and to encourage outstanding global citizenship. The program is managed by eSilicon Vietnam.

The scholarship program is open to Vietnamese students who are completing a bachelor's degree in engineering or technology, from second year to final year in 2014-2015. The following qualities will be evaluated in determining the scholarship winners:

Passion, drive and career ambition in their study of engineering or other technology field, in particular, related to circuit design or software development

Academic excellence with a latest full academic year GPA score of 7.0 or above

Determination to set and achieve goals

Respect for self, family and community

Future ability and passion to lead and assist others in Vietnam and globally

English language skills

Up to 60 scholarships will be awarded and if you possess these qualities, we are very interested in receiving your scholarship application!

For more details on the Scholarship Program and to download an Application Form, please visit our website:  

Application Deadlines:

In order to screen all applications thoroughly, we have set two deadlines for our two groups of target universities. Please carefully check the application deadlines.

Applications close for Da Nang universities on 05th October 2014

Applications close for HCMC universities on 05th October 2014

For more details on the Scholarship Program and to download an Application Form, please visit our website: